Miami … kinda reminds me of Los Angeles

Ocean Drive in South Miami Beach

Ocean Drive in South Miami Beach

When I visited Miami on my 28-state road trip, I was pleasantly surprised … I was expecting to see another L.A., but discovered there is no smog. The sky is always a pristine blue, and the weather is gorgeous.

But I’m now remembering that it shares similarities with L.A. After picking up the rental car (which is ridiculously big for what my needs are on this trip), I drove down Highway A1A that follows the coast from Dania Beach to Miami Beach. The place reminds me of a Quentin Tarantino movie, so I played the soundtracks from “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs.”

But driving through Miami is like driving through L.A., except your car is stuck behind (a) tourists and (b) little old ladies. The whole drive took longer than expected, and I’ve decided not to go to Little Havana and eat lunch at Versailles. I don’t have time, and, besides, I did that nearly nine years ago.

Yacht Festival north of Miami Beach along A1ANot to mention that traffic was even worse, due to some Yacht Festival going on this weekend. Here’s a picture I took from my car — while crawling in traffic and listening to the Tarantino soundtracks.

I’m now in South Miami Beach, which is like Santa Monica and West Hollywood put together — with all the traffic and parking woes. I’d been warned about grabbing food in South Beach, because things are overpriced. Here on Ocean Drive, that’s definitely the case — but I found a cute sandwich shop inside an Art Deco hotel, where they have free Wi-Fi in the lobby. Oh, and the lobby also has a baby grand piano. Good place to chill out for a bit after the traffic nightmare and overpriced parking. It’s almost 3:00 p.m., so I’ll check out the beach for a bit, then head onto U.S. 1 directly to Key West for the night.


2 Responses to “Miami … kinda reminds me of Los Angeles”

  1. Larry Says:

    Same as L.A. except for the humidity and degree of political corruption.

    On your way to Key West, you have to stop at
    The Lorelei Restaurant And Cabana Bar – Look For The Mermaid – Mile Marker 82 Bayside – Islamorada – Florida Keys

    And, you have to have their Key Lime pie. It something like you’ve never consumed before in your lifetime.

  2. heidisieck Says:

    HAVE FUN Paul…I love South Beach. Oddly, it’s actually where I spent September 11. As in, THE September 11. 10 Days stuck in the Loews Hotel with a bunch of government employees. Joy. Anyway. Have fun. And congrats on your announcement about running in D10. It’s ON.

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