There’s Never a Bad Time to Sing Karaoke …

sweetdreams1I always like to plan my trips in advance, at least where I’m staying each night. So I don’t have to stress about accommodations while I’m driving. But what happens when you picked a place that doesn’t work out? All the guide books I read about the Florida Gulf Coast mentioned Panama City Beach, and how there’s a lot of hotel rooms. So I made a reservation at the Days Inn a while ago. It wasn’t until I got here tonight I learned it’s really a tacky resort town for (a) the summer and (b) Spring Break. And with Spring Break not happening until next week, there’s literally nothing to do and everything is shut down.

I drove around after dinner tonight, trying to find a fun place … It felt like the Twilight Zone, and it was depressing. But across the street from my Hotel was a rinky-dink bar called “Sweet Dreams” that advertised karaoke. When I walked in, there were only about six people in the bar … and I think it was probably the first time in my life that I did NOT want to get up and sing. I ordered a gin & tonic, and sat back to watch the bad singers.

But then I struck a conversation with Jennifer, who was there with her whole family. Within minutes, I was persuaded otherwise … by the end of the night, I had sung twice — first “Margaritaville” because I was still feeling depressed at the time, and then “Sixteen Candles” because it was Ruthie (Jennifer’s sister-in-law) 30th Birthday. What’s the lesson? One, always try to make lemonade out of lemons on a vacation — you’ve spent enough money on the trip, so you need to have fun. Two, there’s NEVER a bad time to sing karaoke …


One Response to “There’s Never a Bad Time to Sing Karaoke …”

  1. nafiss griffis Says:

    I guess Panama City should be called Boredom City relative to a San Franciscan. Karaoke suits it. Sweet Dreams is appropriate too, but it doesn’t live up to expectations. After all, the ghost-like town, with its vampires will fulfill some future dreams that will taste sweet when you write some thoughts on America.

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