Doing My Laundry … Outside of Mobile.

As I left my motel room this morning and headed down Route 90 to New Orleans, I kept a look-out for a coin-operated laundromat. Turns out it didn’t take me much time. I’m now doing my laundry at a strip-mall laundry facility with free wi-fi … recovering from last night’s festivities. Today, I will hopefully take Route 90 all the way to New Orleans … going through towns like Biloxi, Mississippi. But my friend Eli Ackerman has advised me to get to New Orleans by 3 or 4 p.m. at the latest … Mardi Gras may not happen until Tuesday, but today is Samedi Gras, and there’s a great parade going on called Endymion. I may have to reluctantly take the Interstate. Will play it by ear …


2 Responses to “Doing My Laundry … Outside of Mobile.”

  1. nafiss griffis Says:

    What a name for such a parade, Endymion, the mortal most handsome man, who slept for ever to avoid aging. Is it a metaphor for new Orleans? Hope Selene will revive the City from the grips of Neptune.

  2. Enid Says:

    Happy trails and safe trip home. It was great to make your acquaintance in The Everglades. We’re off North in a few minutes, and I have to turn back into serious minded librarian. Ack!

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