Chicago’s Transit Puts S.F. Muni to SHAME!!

Chicago's CTA Map

Well, I made it to Chicago and I’m staying at my Mom’s house in Hyde Park – after catching a flight out of SFO this morning. Last night, I had a little “going-away” party at Martuni’s to celebrate the start of my trip. Thank You to Jenn, Vikki, Benjamin, Nicole, Dan Nguyen-Tan and a crew from the David Chiu campaign for coming by. And THANK YOU to Enrique and Jen Low for bringing over such a sweet gift for my birthday / bon voyage!! Made me realize how lucky I am to have great friends in San Francisco.

I grew up in Chicago, but haven’t lived there for 15 years. And while it’s still “home” in a sense, I rarely go back – maybe only once every two years for Christmas. But today, I had the same reaction that I get every time I come back. While I was never a huge fan of the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) when I was a kid, after living in San Francisco I have truly come to appreciate it. My plane landed at O’Hare, and I took the Blue Line to the Loop, and then the #6 bus to Hyde Park. It was quick, efficient and reliable – a genuine difference from San Francisco Muni.

Just had a quiet night with my Mom and stepfather. Tomorrow’s the day that I pick up the rental car, and meet up with a bunch of old friends (who I haven’t seen in YEARS) before leaving on Route 66 Sunday morning!

Oh, and despite my fears about unusually cold weather, it’s about 43 degrees here. A little cold for early April, but not bad at all. I should be fine driving through the middle of Illinois on this trip. Of course, I left San Francisco in the middle of *BEAUTIFUL* spring weather, but at least one of my three big fears of what can go wrong on my trip is proving to be unfounded.


2 Responses to “Chicago’s Transit Puts S.F. Muni to SHAME!!”

  1. gdewar Says:

    if the SFMTA were to be made comparable to the CTA, it would cover both SF and the suburbs. Most other agencies in the country aren’t city by city like SF, and it makes a big difference.

    • paulhogarth Says:

      Very good point, Greg. Although the CTA actually does serve a few suburban parts of Chicago (like Evanston, for example.)

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